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Default Re: Should I get a GTX 260 216??

I just got a BFX GTX 260 maxcore OC2

Core Clock 630MHz (vs. 576MHz standard)
Shader Clock 1350MHz (vs. 1242MHz standard)

I am never touching ATI again after my recent 4850 debacle!

better ingame colours with the nvidia, better special effects, smoother no jerkiness, NO crashes, runs at a constant 40% fan speed so quiet, stays a cool 55 degrees, everything maxes out including full AA and AF,

ATi have some serious problems with the 4800 range spent nights on the AMD forums trying to fix the 4850 as when it worked it was great. But from what i've learnt the core/clock 2d/3d drop bug crashes games and the VRAMS get far too hot and VPU recovery error constantly. The new 8.11 drivers fix none of this.,

ATI never again!

Got this for 220! which in UK is about 10 more than 1gb 4870!

BFG GTX 260 core 216
Intel Q9550 E0
Asus P5Q-E
4gb OCZ DDR2 1066
RaptorX 150gb Gaming Edition
Pc Power & Cooling Silencer 610
Coolermaster 590
Logitech x530 5.1
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