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Default Re: Wrath of the Lich King!

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan View Post
No offense bro, but driuds are screwed in this XPac. I'm a frost mage, and ever since 3.02 hit I don't think I've ever lost to a druid other than when I get ganked with < 20% of my health.

It might be easy right now since you're ganking 72's, but once everyone hits 80 you're screwed bro. An 80 arcane mage could literally 3 shot you. PoM+AP+Pyro + Arcane Barrage + Fireblast + Arcane Barrage. That takes all of 4.5 seconds, and they're all insta casts. With lvl 80 PvP or Raid gear that's 20k worth of damage that you have no way of stopping.
Hmm I dunno. Even at 70 before xpac came out, I was still ganking arcane mages. They do a lot of damage but they aren't unkillable. In fact I have killed a few in 3 seconds. And I have many ways of stopping the damage they deal too.

But actually at level 80 the amount of HP you have increases massively, and the damage doesn't. So either way, what you are saying wouldn't apply. (I heard a figure of roughly 200% more HP but 30% more damage when everybody is fully geared.)

I can personally attest to this somewhat. At level 70 I had about 11k hp unbuffed in caster form. At 80 its now 16k. And this is with level 70 season 4 gear. Imagine what level 80 gear will do, which has a ton more stamina relative to other stats than level 70 gear does.
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