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Default Re: Wrath of the Lich King!

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
Hmm I dunno. Even at 70 before xpac came out, I was still ganking arcane mages. They do a lot of damage but they aren't unkillable. In fact I have killed a few in 3 seconds. And I have many ways of stopping the damage they deal too.

But actually at level 80 the amount of HP you have increases massively, and the damage doesn't. So either way, what you are saying wouldn't apply. (I heard a figure of roughly 200% more HP but 30% more damage when everybody is fully geared.)

I can personally attest to this somewhat. At level 70 I had about 11k hp unbuffed in caster form. At 80 its now 16k. And this is with level 70 season 4 gear. Imagine what level 80 gear will do, which has a ton more stamina relative to other stats than level 70 gear does.
That's the counter. If you can catch them then they're dead. A good arcane mage though, knows how to stay mobile.

And yes, health will double at 80, but Arcane hits pretty ****ing hard at 80. An arcane mage will have enough talent points to unlock the AP+PoM+Pyro (which will probably crit due to a talent that ups crit chance after PoM) combo which will ~10k of damage assuming a crit. Combine this with a fireblast and a few arcane barrages, and you're looking at 20k of up front damage. Not many classes can take that much much burst and live to tell about it.

The problem with arcane mages is after you blow your load then "what next?" I tried arcane at 70 because of how OP'd they were, but I switched back to frost because at 80 frost is just going to have more sustainable burst damage. It will also have way more outs and ways to stay alive. It it kind of funny. Some druid tried to gank me at 10% health, and I literally kited him for 5 minutes while I ran back to the alliance base in borean tundra. The guards proceeded to rape him giving him a nice little repair bill.

Also, anytime you badly outgear someone you always have a significant advantage over them.
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