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Default Re: Wrath of the Lich King!

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan View Post
Dude, even with the nerfs, Ret paladins are still the most ridiculous class in the game right now. I'm not saying mages are weak (we are very strong now), but Ret is still the number one class for PvP. I can't imagine how a mage/other class will manage to beat Ret/Ret or Ret/DK in arenas.

As far as how to counter, learn to bubble quicker. And learn to use Blessing of Freedom when they cast Slow on you. Getting rid of snares will reduce their damage output by 12% as we have a talent that increases damage when you are snared. And if you are 70 running around in greens and blues of course you are going to get killed by a better geared mage. Get some epix.
Rets maybe OP but my shadow priest and my buddy's lock can eat a ret up in a couple of seconds. It isn't even funny how fast we dispense with pallies. Pallies won't even bubble around us any more because they know the bubble is gone and they are silenced and rezzing at the GY. Yes it does take two of us but ret pallies mostly run around alone full of confidence because of their power so coming up against us is the wrong thing to do.

If I am caught by my self against a ret pally, I just stop and wait to rez.
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