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Default Re: 180.06 report (some improvements)

Originally Posted by ZOleg View Post
What about computers with >=4Gb RAM?
Computers hangs on start X or not with 180.06 drivers?
I would like to ask it too...

Yes ... I am aware that i386 does not support 4+ GB without PAE.
I have freebsd7.1-pre-i386 with 4G without PAE. Yes I am aware that I dont use all of my RAM (loosing about half gig) but that is ok for me. The problem is that when I load X with nvidia-driver the pc hangs at black screen. When I physicaly remove 2G (my dimms are 2x2gigs), the there is no problem with X+nvidiadriver.
No i dont have memory remap option in bios.

I am tired to install every release of nvidia driver just to see that my pc still hangs when i try to run X...
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