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Default Re: Wrath of the Lich King!

Originally Posted by Tr1cK View Post
Aint warriors just awesome now Capt? I love playing mine Prot now.
Oh warriors are just silly. I'm not sure if they are actually over powered but damn they are very close to being OP. I like my DK a lot but there is nothing better than SMASHING SOMEONE'S FACE IN WITH MY AXE. Warriors SMASH!

Warriors have always been the best balanced class in the game. They did have problems early on with rage but they fixed that and they have been a consistent and strong class sine then. Other classes have gotten OP and nerfed but warriors were well handled by Blizzard.

My first toon was a warrior tank. Played him for 2 years before I quit the game. After I came back I played a shadow priest for almost 2 years. Now my old warrior is my favorite again.

We had a BE rogue try to gank us while doing the Last Rites quest. I blade stormed his arss to death. It was silly how quickly I took him down. When he ran back he rezzed, saluted me and I let him go out of respect because he rezzed right in front of me. That takes balls and shows sportsmanship.
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