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Were you PLAYING lately ?
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I've the creative GF5900 Ultra..

No flickering/pulse to my perception..
No sound either..

And believe me, I'm part of the people that remark things that few people do, you know, those things that when remarked ruin everything..

Well, for exemple, before I heard of all that crisis..what I discovered, like another reviewer on a website I don't remember the name, is the "gamma" correction..

-> go to your desktop
-> focus on your blue WInxp background (no wallpaper of course
-> push the Windows buton (start menu opens)
-> Release your Windows buton
-> and repetedly..

You should remark that the brightness is differentiating..

-> tested other cards (included the R9700) and I've to say that this doesn't occurs of course..

Well, I'm completely surprised.. Not being part with you having a completly deffective card. Am I luckily buying often creative's lower cost card?

My system:

Athelon XP 2600/333
Asus Deluxe Nforce2
1Go DDR 333
Creative Geforce FX 5900Ultra
Windows XP SP1 with MS03-026, 027, 030 & 031 :-)

Frankly, can I? Frankly I think enough is enough. I was part of the first R9700Pro owners with all the games freezing constently.. Trying for 1-2 months everything imaginable to try discovering where was the problem..
That was already to much $$$ for a deffective card..
The solution you probably know by now -> disable AGP8x.
Few cards are really ready for AGP8x, and this only with few Mobos.
Even my GF5900 did some freeze with AGP8x, none with 4x

What I am telling is that enough is enough.. ATI never said publicly that their R9700 wheren't AGP8x compliant, and I just discovered 2 collaborators which weren't playing because kinda all their games were freezing ! AGP4x and everything get solved !! DAMN, !! Better months and months of troube on millions of customers THAN TELLING PUBLICALY "Hey, put your card on AGP4x..Sorry"

Now it's Nvidia's time, with a 500$ card! And I doubt there will ever be a driver/bios patch. THere will be a new revision, or new card, and period.

I'm realy sorry of this situation, possible only because we, as avid gamers, are ok to give thousands and thousands dollars per years to be threated as ******.. this because what we'll do the following second is to ask for ... more...

OK, too long post that won't help.. Sorry, and sorry for the bad english.
I sincerly hope (but doubt) Nvidia will threat their customers like Intel did (and like in many, many other business where customer mean something..)

Hope to write other posts which I promise will be shorter I'll do as I've a impression that message boards are becoming again respectfull & peacfull places.. (perhaps it's just an impression - I left when the only thing readable were immature stupid flame wars (CPU, MOBO, GFX, Pencil, Joystick, Console, Color, Mouse, etc.. "put your Corporate Brand name" war

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