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Default Re: Wrath of the Lich King!

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
No, it's accurate. This, along with the fact that it doesn't include a hard root, is why I don't use that for pvp. I always use bear charge. Besides, even if I did use cat charge, I can always go bear and take advantage of the fact that it will never be a cd longer than 15 sec.

And I'll break both of them. Hell you could put me in a third, fourth, or even fifth one and I'll break them too But to be honest I really won't need that many.

Actually no. The changes to cat form make your energy static now. Your energy always charges regardless whether you are in cat form or not, and the furor talent determines how much of your energy you keep (up to 100, which all ferals will have.) So shapeshifting no longer reduces the amount of damage you'll do, save for the global cooldown, but cat forms global cooldown is 1 second, which is shorter than a mages 1.5 second.

The only one that would concern me at all is deep freeze, but all that means is now I have a reason to use my pvp trinket while fighting a mage. Throughout the entire fight you will not be moving fast enough that I can actually ignore most of your slows/frostbolts/etc anyways. The only thing I need to actively break is the novas to avoid the shatter, which is easily done.
We get to use Deep Freeze way more often than you get to use your trinket. Deep Freeze is on a 30 second CD. Trinket is 2 min. We also have fingers of frost. That means we get a shatter combo even if your not frozen. As a frost mage I love it when someone trinkets (or in your case shapeshifts) out of a frostbite proc only to get blasted with an shatter combo 1 second later. We also have Icy Veins which with all my haste gear lowers Frostbolt to a 1.8s cast and won't let you push it back. We also have Ice Barrier which is 5k of damage mitigation at 80 that we can use every 30 seconds. And I hope you have quick reactions because every time you manage to break the barrier you'll be in a nova.

You have S4 gear so I'm sure you are quite good, but all I'm saying is mages are really strong now.
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