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Default Re: Official Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir Expansion Thread

Ok, quick note on the camera: the latest patch resets it to the exploration camera. The numpad * key still changes modes, and now there are mode buttons at the end of the left hot bar.

Now, to start with, it took a while to put together my part for this, using a new custom characters. The Grey Orc and Yaun-ti Pureblood classes are pretty dang uber. The first battle for a new party is also rather difficult. The new party dialog is great, and I was switching between characters to get the best answers. It also lets you spread the dialog skills around the party members, which means each character will have more skill points to put into other things. The new health system means you have to be careful, too.

After getting through the first fight, I grabbed two characters I went through MotB with (a 30th level fighter and an 18/7/5 Fighter/Weapons Master/Neverwinter Nine), one I used in a mod (12th level Paladin) and one of the prebuilts (18th level wizard), and well, curbstomp doesn't even begin to describe the first fight. It also looks like MotB characters get to keep all of the spirit eater skills, but without the negative effects (I haven't tried using them - I was too busy watching MotB customized bastard swords and long swords carve up the opposition).

So after two hours of play, I'm pretty psyched about the expansion. I'm going to play through with my new characters first, and then I'll probably go on a rampage with my veterans!
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