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Default Re: Wrath of the Lich King!

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan View Post
If you want a DPS match, I'll pop icy veins and beat you every time. Druids don't win by out DPSing anyone (unless your opponent is badly outgeared). They win by outlasting. If I can stop you from getting a heal off, I win. If you get one off I lose. It's all about saving counterspell and Deep Freeze for the right circumstances.
I am a feral these days, I don't heal. What I'll do is keep you either stunlocked or I'll constantly be moving around you causing you to get persistent "your target must be in front of you" nags when you try to cast spells. This is much easier for a feral to do than any other melee spec. I greatly reduce the amount of DPS that you are capable of while putting very few (if any) hindrances on my own.

The only way you can possibly prevent this is by turning around and running, however by doing that you further open yourself up to shreds which are my main nuke (and believe me ever since the last patch they hit very hard now.)

If you manage to on occasion cause delays to my damage output for say one or two seconds, its not a huge deal because during that time I was getting 10-20 more energy for yet more burst. For you it is a big deal though, time is not on your side to the extent that it is on mine.
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