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Default Re: Woohoo, I got Duelist!

I've been doing level 80 pvp for a few days now. The balance does seem to be going more towards being able to last, however I still run into situations where I can gib somebody with 15k HP pretty quickly. This is still using my level 70 season 4 gear (I still have yet to find a single blue or green item to replace any of it.)

Level 80 gear does seem to put a lot more stam on its item budget than damage now, for both pve and pvp. However one thing of note is that the item budgets are a *lot* more streamlined. For example ret, feral, and enhancement gear no longer has any of its item budget going towards int. Instead this goes more towards damage output. Still up for grabs but I am not yet entirely convinced that overly heavy burst damage is no longer a problem.
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