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Were you PLAYING lately ?
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In fact I've only few games installed.. one of them is SWG, and I at first thought the game was flickering like hell because the 30fps cap...

PLease answer me, I am wrong isn't it? Even with a 30fps cap the screen shouldn't flicken like Hell (hurting our eyes for sure)?

I checked and for sure haven't the pulse (hopefully).. but perhaps I simply don't see it (use a Samsung NF959 19" CRT, constantly 100hz thankx to powerstrip, with alway Vsynch ON).. Dunno, but for sure no pulse in the system boot or/and nothing strange while in the BIOS..

No crazy sound too..

BF1942 is clearly dozen times less fine-looking than with my Radeon.. ..
But I had the opposite impression already when I moved from the Geforce4 to the radeon.. No comparison in IQ personnaly

Well me think, like others, that it's general.. people simply don't see/remark it, as explained many times, the system with its monitor enter in account, with more or less flickering and pulse..

Well, came back to nvidia 'cause the last Radeon's fiasco, to be welcomed by Nvidia with a worse fiasco :-) Definitively, I'll never again buy any GFX before at least 3 months next to its (widely) release.. Which card would I buy today if it wasn't already done? If you aren't in any way one kind of fanboy, you know the response..



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