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Default Re: Psu good enugh for 260 core 216?

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
I would Think it would be ok,but the reviews I seen on it don't look so good since it just puts out only 31amps on the 12v rails combined.You can get a Silverstone OP 750 watt or a Corsair 750watt for $119 and it puts out 60amps on the 12v rail.I ran my Silverstone OP650watt with one GTX 280 and had no problems.
It's a bit tricky, there are two versions of the psu i have, one of them have weaker 12v rails but both are 600w. Mine is the one rated at 20a on each (again thats peak performance). On the product page it does not say how much watt is on the 12v rails but I know it's listed on the psu so Im gonna calculate more exactly when I get home. Still I'm thinking it's cutting it close, I also have 3 hdd's, dvd burner, 3x 120mm fans and one 80mm, some lights and the x-fi in in there.

EDIT: Gonna see if I can find those psu's on the swedish online shopping sites and compare some prices.
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