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Default some benchmarks for comparison

yeah i do not have 8.10 numbers for you but these are what i get in these games now with 8.11 and then i can do same runs on 8.12īs to get a comparison.

might do 8.10īs since i know some of you wantīs to see this well here are 8.11
Devil may cry 4 DX9
all are DX9 WIN XP 32-bit

1680x1050 all max/CCC 4xaa 16xaf+adaptive aa

Scene 1 127.92
Scene 2 97.89
Scene 3 163.56
scene 4 100.31

Far Cry 2 1680x1050
allt i CCC
AFx16+adaptive aa

settings all maxed
Loop 3

* Average Framerate: 40,98
* Max. Framerate: 51,30 (Frame:288, 6,29s)
* Min. Framerate: 35,66 (Frame:749, 17,35s)

Average Results

* Average Framerate: 41,06
* Max. Framerate: 49,88
* Min. Framerate: 36,43

Brothers in arms hells highway


AVG 81.967

MAX 163

Call Of Duty World At WAr

level semper Fi

time (MS) 148015
Min 28
AVG 63.149
Max 93

Dead Space
all max in game and 4xaa 16xaf i CCC+adaptive aa and so forth
Min 55
AVG 101.325
MAX 145

FAllout 3

MIN 45
AVG 74

that is all games maxed and in CC 4xaa 16xAF adaptive aa enabled.
more to come
Intel I7 920
gigabyte HD6970 2gb
Asus P6t deluxe V2

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