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Default Re: Need some help making medical website

You can also use javascript/CSS to hide parts of the form until certain elements are clicked. For example, lets say you have a checkbox that if clicked will show a selection element.

function showOptions(){

  var box = document.getElementById('cbox');
  var sel = document.getElementById('slbox);

  if(box.checked == true){ = 'block';    // show element
  }else{ = 'none';    // hide element
<form name='form' action=''>

  <input id='cbox' type='checkbox' name='cbox' onClick='showOptions();'></input><br />
  <select id='slbox' name='slbox' style='display:none;'>
  <option value='blue'>Blue</option>
  <option value='green'>Green</option>
The hidden select menu will be hidden or shown depending on the status of the checkbox.
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