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Default Windows 7 FTW!

A buddy of mine 'lent' me his copy of Windows 7 build 6801 x86. So I installed it on my other HD just to check it out. Let me tell you this is what Vista should've been. Its smoking fast, like XP. Games runs butter smooth, much better than my Vista x64 installation.

I've had no issues even enabled the new interface. I cant wait till they put out an official RC of this, from this build I'm really excited over this new OS. Even if you hated Vista you will love Windows 7 - it has more of an XP feel to it, stuff just pops up really fast. I just hope they dont clutter it up with all the crap Vista has with a default installation.

Idle on a clean boot ram usage is about 650-700MB. Vista pre SP1 was about 1.2GB, SP1 about 1GB and SP2 beta is around 900MB. This OS uses alot less system resources and you can actually feel it.
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