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Default Re: 260 GTX: only 900 rpm @ 77 C! Bug or feature?

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
It sounds a little low to me ,but if you are just getting 77c with Crysis then it's not bad.I use rivatuner and just set my fan speed at 60% and it keeps it under 70c with my GTX 280's.But my fan speed is around 1950rpm's.
So the fan should speed up at 77. Now I have to find out if this issue is driver or hardware related.

Could You please tell me Your fan speed while stress without rivatuner?

Maybe it's just a misreading of gpu-z 0.2.7.
I've been repeating crysis bench 22 times in a loop at 1600x1200, AAx8, 37 FPS average. In addition my tv-card was playing.
Again it sticked to 77 and about 900 rpm. Turning down sound and other fans I noticed that the fan of my vido-card was noticeable very clear now. I have to find a reliable fanspeed-tool now.
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