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Default Re: Which Heatsink/Fan to Cool Qx9770??

The Zalman is decent, Im using one now but I know from reviews there are better options (more expensive though)

it's pulse modulated speed control so you control if from the bios. If mobo dont support this then it will be set to full speed and it gets a bit loud I think. Mine is set to 25-33% or something and at that speed it's nice and silent.

EDIT: I used to run my oc (from 2.66 to 3.2Ghz) on the intel stock cooler and it worked just fine. Cpu was well below the limits. I switched for lower noise and for that it works perfectly for me. Cpu temperature is slightly lower then with the stock cooler but since I have limit the fan to never go above 25-33% mark I think that's quite good.

Installing the zalman was so so I think, you mount a support bracket under the mobo and one on top. You then secure the fan with a huge bracket that you fasten in the support bracket on the the mobo with a screw. I had to press really hard to be able to fasten the screw and I did not like that. One slip and you could ruin the mobo. Once in place it sits very secure unlike those push pin stock coolers

Those huge Tuniqe towers and Thermalrights are better solutions but are not supplied with any fan IIRC, price is also much higher for just the hsf alone.
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