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Default Re: Wrath of the Lich King!

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan View Post
Dude, even with the nerfs, Ret paladins are still the most ridiculous class in the game right now. I'm not saying mages are weak (we are very strong now), but Ret is still the number one class for PvP. I can't imagine how a mage/other class will manage to beat Ret/Ret or Ret/DK in arenas.

As far as how to counter, learn to bubble quicker. And learn to use Blessing of Freedom when they cast Slow on you. Getting rid of snares will reduce their damage output by 12% as we have a talent that increases damage when you are snared. And if you are 70 running around in greens and blues of course you are going to get killed by a better geared mage. Get some epix.
Getting epic level 70 pvp gear just isnt worth it with the little activity there is in battlegrounds atm.I got the merciless gladiator greatsword last night ,took ages to get it with 40 AV tokens and 27000 honorpoints.The problem is in my battlegroup is that Allys still play AV and horde doesnt so theres like 10-20 vs 35-40 every game = loss every time.

ill park this alt and level my main to 80 instead and come back to it later.There's crafted blue pvp gear you can buy at AH now,savage saronite plate for level 78 with 50-65 resiliance per piece.They will work until ive saved up for the next seasons pvp gear at level 80.I just wanted the sword and the boots since those were the weakest pieces i had before.
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