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Default Re: Wrath of the Lich King!

Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post
Getting epic level 70 pvp gear just isnt worth it with the little activity there is in battlegrounds atm.I got the merciless gladiator greatsword last night ,took ages to get it with 40 AV tokens and 27000 honorpoints.The problem is in my battlegroup is that Allys still play AV and horde doesnt so theres like 10-20 vs 35-40 every game = loss every time.
You don't mention your class, but if you're a paladin, spec holy, even if your holy gear sucks. You'd be pleasantly surprised how often you win battlegrounds just because you keep everybody alive much longer.

I always go resto when I want to farm honor points for exactly this reason. Pretty much every game I do as resto I win. Feral or balance I can do a lot of destruction, but things don't go nearly as well if everybody around me isn't staying alive longer. Going as DPS I only win about 50% or so of the games I do.
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