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Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
And this is a good thing. Vista hasn't been my favorite OS simply because of slowness and a few bugs/incompatibility, but MS has worked everything but the slowness out. This is what throws me to Linux, the snapiness and fast boot times. If Windows 7 can get to Linux speeds, then I just may be a happy Windows user for the first time in years.
You sound like me. I've been just sticking with Vista and bearing with it. Installed the SP2 beta and it's better. Until I loaded Windows 7 today though, I realize it's still really night and day. I played a few games and they run so much smoother. Same with just being on the desktop. Memory utilization is just much lower and you can definitely feel it. Boot up and shut down times are alot better too. IE8 feels sluggish, but thats what Chrome is for
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