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Default Re: mounted cd drive not being veiwed by UT installer

But in the past few years, DVD technology has become so cheap and ubiquitous that manufacturers are adding video playback to these systems, often without charging much more money.One such "home theater on a shelf" is the LG LF-D7150. Widely available at Best Buy and other retailers for less than $250, the LF-D7150 delivers a panoply of extra features --including DivX video playback, USB host support, and digital audio input -- that distinguish it from the competition.With its black and silver color scheme and its reflective front face, the LF-D7150 sports a thoroughly high-tech look that feels right at home in the 21st century.
Fashion police take note: It will fit right into any place with a modern design sensibility, but anyone needing a retro appearance or a more traditional wood-grain look should look elsewhere (the Philips MCD702, for example)
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