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Default Re: Going Tri-SLI Soon...Which Power Supply should I get for my HP BlackBird?

Originally Posted by Digital_Trans View Post
I just ordered my 3rd EVGA GTX 280 FTW Edition Graphics card for my Tri-SLI setup. Now with using an HP BlackBird 002 I must be very selective on buying the right power supply unit. Here's the layout of my current 1100 Watt PSU from Top Power. It's powering only two of the 280's right now. I can't see how I would even be able to use this power supply for a Tri-SLI setup. With the new power supply...I want each cable to be detachable like my current one and would prefer 12-volt rails to each molex vs having them share the whole 12-volts. So what power supply out there would some of you recommend?
Why not just sell the qx9770 + mobo and upgrade to Core i7?

Doesn't seem to be any certified PSU:s that fill the requirements you've set, so I'd say try it with the one you've got now and upgrade only if needed - 1,1Kw should be enough(most certified PSUs are 1200w).
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