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Originally Posted by sl1pkn07 View Post
very thanks! (64bits)

one question offtopic.. mplayer packages include all codecs? dirac, aften, NUT, ASS/ASA, TrueHD/EAC3, MPL, etc etc?
If you're talking about the packages I've created, they are compiled with exactly the same options as Ubuntu's 8.10 original package

Here is the output of what is and isn't enabled in those packages:

Enabled optional drivers:
Input: ftp pvr radio tv-teletext tv-v4l2 tv-v4l tv live555 cddb cdda dvdread(internal) vcd dvb smb network
Codecs: x264 xvid libdv libavcodec qtx real xanim win32 faad2 faac musepack libdca libmpeg2 liba52(internal) mp3lib libtheora speex libvorbis twolame libmad liblzo gif
Audio output: alsa openal jack pulse esd arts oss v4l2 nas sdl mpegpes(dvb)
Video output: v4l2 dxr3 sdl gif89a pnm jpeg png mpegpes(dvb) fbdev svga caca aa ggi xmga mga xvidix cvidix opengl 3dfx dga vdpau xvmc xv x11 xover dfbmga directfb yuv4mpeg md5sum tga tdfxfb

Disabled optional drivers:
Input: dvdnav vstream tv-dshow nemesi libdvdcss(internal)
Codecs: libschroedinger libdirac libamr_wb libamr_nb toolame
Audio output: sun ivtv dxr2
Video output: zr zr2 ivtv dxr2 vesa winvidix bl xvr100 tdfx_vid wii s3fb
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