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Originally Posted by sl1pkn07 View Post
dirac, libschroedinger and libass (subtitles) packets are include on repository

libamrnb/libamrwb are include on Mediubuntu repositories
I added those to the compilation

Not those however as it seems to be very early work , and I'm yet to see any file in that format

TrueHD/E-AC3 and MLP (HD-DVD/BR audio codecs) download patch for mplayer from (and more patches) (mplayer use ffmpeg libraries libavcodec, libavformat, etc)
After checking, E-AC3 and MLP have been in mplayer trunk for at least 6 months now and do not require any particular patching..

As such ; those codecs are included in my previous package..

Packages have been uploaded there (updated to SVN 27979 too)
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