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Default drivers

I've been using linux for along time now, and I've ran into Nvidia hard alot. I like the Geforce4 video card but i dont like the drivers. I like that they work and work well. I don't like the way they install and fit into the system. It's much to difficult to uninstall them (yes ppl do switch video cards). I also dislike the nForce drivers and they just finally became actually source code and not cheap patches of the i810 (im not sure on the exact name) drivers. I also would like some open source so others can improve and help them fit into the entire linux system more cleanly. Unix has all about keeping standards and consistancy. The reason they should release the source or specs is a no brainer, the kernel hackers and developers of the kernel tree have much more time and expirence working with the kernel source and structure.

PS: floppy.c is faster then ATI drivers
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