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Default Image guidelines

Copy/Paste from:

I believe these guidelines should be placed in the rules section.
The question isn't why buy why not?
These guidelines offer explanations of why the rules are set in place as well.

Great read I say and very easy to follow.

PS: Don't you just hate it when people quote pics?

Image code is now turned on

Before you post an image, read the guidelines below. Any poster that contravenes these guidelines will be dealt with severely, and ignorance of the rules will not be considered as a valid excuse. Itís up to you to make yourself familiar with these guidelines and adhere to them.

ē No inappropriate images.
No images should be posted that contain any material that can generally be considered inappropriate for audiences of all ages. This includes but is not limited to; pornography, nudity, swearing, racism, vilification of another person and overt depictions of realistic violence.

ē No image leeching
All images that you post must be hosted on your own webspace or at the least you must obtain permission from the person hosting the images before linking to it here. If you want to show a picture from another forum or another website save the image to your hard drive, then upload it to your webspace*. If you do image leech and it triggers a nasty picture replacement, you will be banned. I donít care if you didnít know it would happen.

* The reasons for this are twofold;
1. Many websites operate with limited bandwidth each month. Each time someone on these forums looks at the image the data is pulled from wherever it source image is located. Other websites donít want to pay their website hosts more each month just so you can enjoy the privilege of showing the people here a pretty picture.
2. To clamp down on the above problem, quite a few of the more popular forums and websites have implemented a way to stop remote links based on the http referrer. That means that if you link to but the link is posted on these forums, thenís webserver will see that the request for the image is coming from elsewhere and instead of showing this forum the picture funnyimage.jpg they will instead send a picture of our friend the Goatse man or tubgirl or something. Itís pretty nasty, but you can hardly blame them. The solution is to save the image to your PC, then upload it to your webspace and then link to the image on your webspace. That way everybody is happy.

ē Image size maximum: 800 x 600
All images must be a maximum pixel size of 800 x 600. The forums will let you post an image as large as you like, but as soon as a mod comes along and sees the image action will be taken. Take the time to open up your graphics program and resize your image if you need to, please.

ē Image file size maximum: 300k
As we all well know, there are data limits for OptusNet cable (and some dial) accounts. All of us need to manage the data we download each month, and it wont help if you decide to show us all a huge .bmp file or something of that nature. Please donít.

ē Sig images
You are limited to one image per sig. I consider anything larger than 80 pixels high by 400 wide to be too big. Anything larger than that and a mod will remove the sig entirely until you make suitable modifications. Please keep your sig images to under 30k too. They really dont need to be larger files than that.

ē No Image spamming
This means that only post as many images as is necessary. Remember that users have limited data to play with each month (and there are dial-up users here as well) . You might be very proud of your uberl33t 20-2 map score, but you donít need to show 30 images of you doing so to make your point. Show a couple and let it be at that.

Above all else, please donít abuse this. I would hate to have to turn off image code again.
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