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Default Asus M3N78 Pro with igp geforce 8300 woes on 64 bit ubuntu

I am having terrible problems getting the integrated geforce 8300 on my motherboard to work with the nvidia linux drivers. I am currently trying out the 177.80 driver which crashes compiz within several minutes (sometimes it is ok for upto an hour) of starting. Even before this, maximizing windows or resizing them to be fairly large causes the window not to be updated. On crashing, the machine freezes and compiz takes up 100% cpu. Usually, but not always, it is possible to ssh in and kill (only kill -9 works) compiz to recover the session. This somehow seems to cause the graphics acceleration to die with glxgears slowing down to 60 fps (not just glxgears but all 3d slows down to a crawl) from 2000 fps. However, compiz can be restarted and works apart from the bugs mentioned above and being rather slow. Future crashes of compiz are again handled with the ssh and kill -9. I am attaching the bug report file below. I have tried using the pci=nommconf and idle=poll options on booting with no success.

Another extremely odd thing is that I can -physically- here a noise when running glxgears or any 3d intensive application!

Any help will be much appreciated as the nvidia driver in this configuration is as slow as the nv one on a 8500gt (nv does not work with the 8300 as yet unfortunately).
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