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Default Re: Never again will I buy DRM

Well, my ongoing attempts to contact EA via email have got me nowhere.

All I get is an automated response saying thank you please purchase another copy of Crysis Warhead. Anyone know EA's phone number in US? I cant find it anywhere.

I will add I was having some slow boot times so I did do quite a bit of tinkering with the OS. I noticed my bootloader was not showing under advanced system settings so I put the vista DVD in and recovered boot loader.

About the chipset drivers I did install those 20's then back to the 15's then used driver cleaner and used the microsoft driver till I noticed my Nforce driver wasnt installed then I reinstalled the 15's again.

If that caused it then DRM can really go to hell.

I just did a reformat of vista64. As nothing helped with my slow boot times (about 4 minutes)

I was pretty well through playing the game itself and all I used it for was benchmarking new drivers. If I want to play it ever again I will use alternate methods of installation. (Another issue of a paying customer getting screwed by Copy protection)

Weather the lot of you believe me or not I really dont care. But, the problem is happening. This post on the first page of

Gluck to anyone else this happens to.
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