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Originally posted by pe1chl
I think that a full release of hardware info and the plan to write a driver from scratch will put us back from where we are now.
There are always fewer coders willing to maintain a device driver for "today's great video card" (which will be a drag next year) than those working on generic kernel stuff and applications. [/b]
Nobody was talking about writting a driver from scratch. We were talking about making their drivers opensource. Then if people have a need they can handle it. They can also send their enhancements to nvidia for inclusion or rejection as they see fit. (just like the linux kernel).

Nvidia needs to realize that it makes it money off it's hardware, not it's software. So support the hardware!

Here's a thought. When Blender was a commercial program they couldn't sell many copies, even though it was great software. When they were going out of business they were approached on the idea of buying the software assets. They gave the figure of $100,000. A fund was set up and reached very quickly. Blender is now an open source project and has way more users then it ever did before.

So would nvidia like to add an extra $1,000,000 to their bottom line? Why not offer to open source the code for a price. I have a feeling people would be very willing to pay for it. Also nvidia will one-up ati.

Hey if you work for nvidia, pass this idea up the line!
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