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Unhappy Re: Thoughts on the new Duel Spec option coming to WoW

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
No that's not what they are saying. They are saying that the hybrid classes and pure classes will have their dps gap narrowed, but the pure classes will still ultimately win in dps.

They may not be saying that, but the fact of the matter is, right now, in live, if an equally geared mage,boomkin, and warlock roll into naxx, all using same buffs, the boomkin will provide the highest dps, at a level of gear that most casual players will reach.
At higher gear levels, such as naxx 25 man, mages and locks begin to pull ahead, with 5200dps/5100dps respectively, as compared to the boomkin, rounding out about 4500....but that is due to the scaling of haste,crit,and spell power to the pure dps classes that the mage and warlock are.

If blizz wants to keep everyone happy by making hybrid classes just as good as the classes they are meant to fill the role of, then what is a mage for?
(i was in naxx last night, as a Frostfiremage, rolling nearly 3k dps, and was still #2 on charts, behind a boomkin at nearly 4k><)

Suppose its back to being just a vending machine to show up outside raids for a table....
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