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Default Digital Converter box for HDTV

So.... I was over at a friends house over the weekend. He does not have satelitte or cable. He doesn't watch TV, just like me. However, he somehow had BETTER quality HD picture than most of my cable channels and he was doing it through an ANTENNA!

So I decided to get myself an antenna(actually i built it, works fantastic, but thats for another thread). I hooked the antenna up, and low and behold I get garbage. Not because of the antenna, but because my HDTV doesn't have a built in digital tuner.

No problem, I just went to the store and bought one. I plug it up, and all my channels that I am receiving full digital signal on(this antenna works great!), still are converted to standard definition resolution. After further research, i found that this converter box I bought converts the HD signal to standard def.

So on to my question. Is there a digital converter box that actually outputs the HD signal to an HDTV?
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