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Originally Posted by Dreamingawake View Post
piracy isn't funny.

you guys should feel bad for 'acquiring' things the way you do.

it's wrong.
Its a timed bombed beta. Not the same as a game with a crack that is full retail. I can't believe some people don't even understand that there is a difference. MS put this out for Devs to play with. If they didn't think this would make the rounds they wouldn't have timed bombed it - plus it's not even a beta... so it's worthless in the monetary sense. Alot different than a finished $50 retail game with a crack bypassing its security!

I have a feeling you are just jealous its not running on your PC right now. Its not like anyone is giving out links to download it, just conversation about something that is in early beta.

Tr1ck no one is even advocating piracy. All I can say is Windows 7 is alot faster and better than Vista!!
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