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Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
the same places you download anything you didnt "purchase".

You cant sign up for the beta, there will be a public RC beta next year. For now there is a leaked copy of 6801 from PDC floating around the net you can "acquire".
Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Its a timed bombed beta. Not the same as a game with a crack that is full retail. I can't believe some people don't even understand that there is a difference. MS put this out for Devs to play with. If they didn't think this would make the rounds they wouldn't have timed bombed it - plus it's not even a beta... so it's worthless in the monetary sense. Alot different than a finished $50 retail game with a crack bypassing its security!

I have a feeling you are just jealous its not running on your PC right now. Its not like anyone is giving out links to download it, just conversation about something that is in early beta.

Tr1ck no one is even advocating piracy. All I can say is Windows 7 is alot faster and better than Vista!!
You're right, it's you who's advocating piracy, not Trick.

And why do you think that because Microsoft put it out for DEVS to play with that you should be able to play with it too? Are you a dev? Sure it's timebombed, and you can't make any money off of it, and they aren't really losing any money off of either, but it's the fact that you're stealing it that's the problem.

I'll admit that I have a few not so legitimate programs, but I don't openly discuss the fact that they are. I thought we had a rule here about talking about piracy.

I have no problem discussing the Windows 7 alpha release, lets just keep the talk of how to get it and piracy out of it.
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