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Default Re: Never again will I buy DRM

I had alot of problems with DRM in Stalker Clear Sky. I was locked out the day it was launched. Drivers CAN trigger a re-activation - nekro sometimes you're such an tool, you really need to get outside of your little cave once in awhile. Just because it hasnt happened in your limited experience doesn't mean that is doesn't it cant happen at all. One time with a driver re-installation I had to use another activation but the fact remains it CAN happen.

DRM sucks plain and simple. And when it doesn't work right it's usually a huge problem. GSC and Steam wouldn't help me, finally threatened legal action for a refund, they finally just refunded me and blacklisted my key. When buying and playing legitimate games becomes this much of a PITA and it's easier for a pirate to play a game then something is definitely wrong in the industry. Keep fighting with EA, demand a refund then and keep demanding until they refund you. When DRM fails like this, they need to know - and they need to know the next time around you won't be a paying customer of theirs...
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