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Default Upgrade worthwhile?

How old is the 8800GTX now? Im totally out of date. Ive had mine since launch and to be quite honest its done me superb. Ive never had a card like it before in my life (never had a card that has lasted me 2+yrs).

Anyway, compliments aside, I noticed that with my old C2D processor (not overclocked) it was running sluggishly in Fallout 3 and Far Cry 2.

Ive just upgraded my CPU to the one in my sig as well as my motherboard. Is a GPU upgrade on the cards?

To be honest, the reason why I havent upgraded as of yet is because I havent really had the time to play that many games. The major game I will be playing soon is GTA IV.

So, for gaming @ 1920x1200 is an upgrade a must, and will a significant notice be seen in the following games.

Fallout 3
Far Cry 2 (though if this is the only game that is worth the upgrade ill miss. Piece of **** sequel)
Counter Strike Source
Left 4 Dead

Many thanks

P.s another factor in all of this, is that I have a really crap PSU (Corsair 650w) So I will probably have to upgrade this as well?
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