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Originally Posted by Tr1cK View Post
Are you a Dev? Devs don't 'acquire' things through torrent sites.
I never said I got it through torrents. But why do you guys keep pushing the piracy thing? I just said I got it from a friend. How do you know he's not a dev? Besides I don't and haven't said anything about where to get it from or where I got it from. I've just been discussing that it's faster. All this "piracy" talk is you guys doing it.

In conclusion - Windows 7 is much faster than Vista. I am very happy with where it's going.

...and that was the point of the thread. Close it if you want, thats all I was trying to let people here know about it. I'm done.

Now... if anyone is really interested in benchmarks I'm installing a few games that I have on my Vista HD and will post a few numbers later. I'm not spending hours benching but I will show a few comparisons.
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