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Both systems using 180.48 drivers. The Vista HD is WD640 AAKS, the Windows 7 is a slower 320GB Seagate. Vista is beta SP2!!!


Left 4 Dead

However since the game is capped 60 FPS so the avg is the same. Gameplay feels alot different however...

Vista SP2 -
2008-11-24 12:28:57 - left4dead
Frames: 5040 - Time: 84062ms - Avg: 59.955 - Min: 59 - Max: 61

Windows 7 -
2008-11-24 12:24:03 - left4dead
Frames: 5117 - Time: 85345ms - Avg: 59.956 - Min: 59 - Max: 61

Winner: Windows 7 by a mile. There is a bad Mouse lag in Vista, non-existant in Windows 7 makes 7 feel much faster and smoother.


Far Cry 2 1.01
DX10, 1680x1050, 2xAA, Very High (global)

Vista SP2 -
Avg 64.20
Max 84.92
Min 53.40

Windows 7
Avg 67.89
Max 91.00
Min 55.80

Winner: Again, Windows 7 - it just feels smoother. Framerates show it's slightly faster in Windows 7. All hardware is the same but the HD is much faster than Vista is on.


Crysis Warhead

Vista SP2 - having issues, won't run currently.

Windows 7 -

min 17
avg 28
max 34

min 18
avg 28
max 33


Rebooting to test boot up times and shutdown... BRB

Vista SP2 -
Startup from beep to working curser 36 seconds
Shutdown 24 seconds

Windows 7 -
Startup from beep to working curser 36 seconds
Shutdown 24 seconds

Looks like SP2 already has the same optimizations that Windows 7 does for shutdown and start up proceedures.


All in all I'd say the mouse lag in Vista is really the main factor. So far what I've felt and measured put Vista closer to Windows 7 than I thought. The mouse lag is a huge issue though cause I went right from L4D in W7 to Vista and it felt like it was about 1/2 as fast. I never really recognized this input lag with Vista till I could really feel it now. Windows 7 still feels alot snappier surfing and on the desktop, memory usage is about 600 MB idle while Vista SP2 is about 900MB. Pre SP1 is about 1.2GB. Windows 7 is looking good, I resolved the COD WAW issue with updated sound drivers. I have no issue to report at this time.
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