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Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Mailman - I don't see much difference in frame rates there . . . typo?
no, read about the mouse lag though. Significant amount of it in Vista. I havent benched every game I've tried, just the easy ones with bench utilities built in. Left 4 Dead has a FPS cap but its alot smoother in Windows 7. So really FC2 was the only one and they are both DX10 and there was only a slight measureable amount of difference.

There are still big differences with amount of system resources and ram being used between the 2 OSes. Also, keep in mind I have the latest SP2 beta installed in Vista - so my benchmarks and a SP1 or pre-SP1 OS would prolly be slower.

I still vouche for Windows 7, its still faster all around and feels alot faster in games. COD WAW is faster but using a Fraps bench isnt really 100% accurate way to provide benchmarks. Also, keep in mind the drive I have Vista on is nearly twice as fast...
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