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Default Re: Going Tri-SLI Soon...Which Power Supply should I get for my HP BlackBird?

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I swapped out all the hardware. CPU, Motherboard, Ram, Sound card. I modded the water cooling with only the CPU being water cooled instead. You can recall I use to have the entire system water cooled on my cpu/8800 Ultras. It took some work but it was worth it for only cpu watercooling so I can now enjoy the newest NVIDIA cards on the market. I only really like the hp Blackbird 002 case. The watercooling feature isn't that great but it also isn't that bad. I'm CPU watercooled only now. If HP can come out with a Tri-SLI watercooling kit then I would consider buying it. Or if an aftermarket computer part company ever makes a complete CPU/Tri-SLI Watercooling kit for my hp blackbird 002 case then I might also consider purchasing it once available.....
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