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Default Re: Thoughts on the new Duel Spec option coming to WoW

Originally Posted by lIqUID View Post
Don't worry I'm sure they will make some lock changes soon. The thing that bugs me are the lackluster 51 point talents. I'm currently playing a 51 demo spec witht he rest in affliction and metamorphosis just doesn't seem up to snuff at all.
Yeah... moonkin; 15000 armor all the time, meta; 13000 armor for 30 seconds once every 3 minutes?

Why does moonkin get plate all the time and a dps increasing spec, but on a lock with a dps lowering spec, its only 18% up time? How is the lock overpowered but the moonkin isn't?

I've been leveling a DK until they do something about locks, its just not enjoyable to play one at the moment.
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