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Default Re: Psu good enugh for 260 core 216?

Originally Posted by spokenfor View Post
Dual rail PSU's are probably of the worst design because if im not mistaken ONE of those 12v rails are entirely wasted on the CPU alone leaving the other rail left to power the rest of the system.

Its just not a good design for a high end gaming system because of the fact that you can easily overload the second 12v rail which is left over to power your GPU and all of the other accessories.

Your better off with a good powerful SINGLE 12v rail PSU as the power from that one rail is dedicated to the entire system and all your components can draw the power that it needs without having to worry about overloading the 12v rail.

I recommend this PSU for your setup-

52amp Single 12v rail.

Or this one which is my personal favorite-

49amp Single 12v rail.
You are so right about the rails, it makes little sense these days to have more then one rail.
Shopping for PSU's can be real pain, essential information is not always listed etc

I decided to give it a try with my current psu, if I detect any type of slow downs or instability Im fairly sure where the problem is and in that case I order a new psu right away, else I wait till next month and get a good one

I'd like to have one of those modular types so I can rid the cables I don't need. Tt had some nice looking psu's but I don't know if they are single rail design yet.
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