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Im just saying in Left 4 Dead there is a strange mouse lag that I didnt even realize was there until I rebooted into Windows 7 to benchmark it. Its not all games, but it's definitely in Left 4 Dead in Vista. There is nothing wrong with my system. My 22" LCD has 2ms response time. LoL you guys kill me. "OMG THERE IS NO MOUSE LAG IN VISTA, NOT MY PRECIOUS VISTA!!! AHHHH, I KILL!!! I KILLL!!!!"

Trust me in Left 4 Dead when you play side by side with Windows 7 there is.

After playing ALOT of COD WAW last night. It too is alot smoother in Windows 7. I was online for about an hour and a half, then single player for awhile too. Also, Tomb Raider Underworld ran wonderfuly in Windows 7 as well. So far the only issue I've had was the default sound driver Windows 7 installed which wouldn't let me start WAW, once I updated to the latest Vista driver for that device it's been smooth sailing... almost too smooth. I'm thinking of wiping the Vista install on my WD640 AAKS and installing Windows 7 there
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