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Default Re: Thoughts on the new Duel Spec option coming to WoW

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Yeah... moonkin; 15000 armor all the time, meta; 13000 armor for 30 seconds once every 3 minutes?

Why does moonkin get plate all the time and a dps increasing spec, but on a lock with a dps lowering spec, its only 18% up time? How is the lock overpowered but the moonkin isn't?

I've been leveling a DK until they do something about locks, its just not enjoyable to play one at the moment.
locks HAVE been OP for a good part of the game's history is different aspects. They might be a bit behind now, from what I have heard they catch back up when the gear starts to get there. They started behind in BC, then started killing the charts... where Moonkins won't scale as well doing down the stretch.

Also realize you have a soul shatter to lower your agro... a Moonkin has to sit there and take it, hence the armor.
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