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Default Re: Power supply for use with GTX 260?

Originally Posted by cairastravis View Post
Thanks for the details. At least now I know why a single rail PSU is better, and I'll definitely keep that in mind.

Do you know where this recommendation is? I couldn't find anything specific on their GTX 260 product page (other than 500W minimum power supply requirement). (It's not that I don't believe you, I just want to see what kind of caveats they list, if any.)
Here for example they list 36a, it's also available on the box for the card under requirements.

How can nVidia claim 182W peak if it's really 320W? That's not even in the ballpark.

Assuming that 320W figure is correct, though, what happens if it doesn't get it? Crashes? Visual glitches? Note that I'm not going to ever go SLI. I don't game enough to justify the expense.
About the 320w on the card alone, that was my bad I'm sorry about that. Some of the review sites don't make it fully clear how they measure. Here's one that do:
So depending on your other components this could peak higher or lower (total system that is)

If your card don't get the juice it requires then you can get bad performance, random crashes. Or even no post at all.

PSU's are often overlooked as cause of system instability when in fact it's a very central and important piece of equipment. If you read many of the support threads on these forums where people ask why there computer crashes or behaves strange you will see the counter question is often "What psu do you have?" and it often boils down to the psu as well.

I've red my fair share of psu articles over the years, even so I felt very unsure my 600w would handle the gtx 260 I orderd (see: Psu good enugh for 260 core 216? )

I picked up my card yesterday from the post office, I decided to give it a try and it did work just fine. I detected no abnormal slowdowns or instability, even so I'm considering getting a better quality psu next month. I'll sleep better and hopefully it will be more future proof.

Hope this clarifies some
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