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Default Re: GeForce3 Ti200 96xx problems on FreeBSD 7.

Originally Posted by zare View Post
Hi guys. I can't get those drivers to work. When i install them, ignite X11 and system goes into full freeze and reboots in a matter of seconds. From the cialis soft system core dump it looks like the thing pagefaults.

The hardware is :

Intel Pentium 4 on i845 mainboard with 1 GB of RAM.
MSI GeForce3 Ti200, 64 MB RAM.

The thing worked perfectly on 5.4-RELEASE and it works perfectly on Windows2000, so it isn't a hardware issue.

This is the summary of all things i have tried;

- Got the latest legacy 96xx drivers from nVidia's site, "make install", "nvidia-xconfig".
- nvidia.ko is kld'loaded and from the /var/log/messages the kernel module detects my card OK.
- compat5x is installed and has an appropriate entry in /etc/rc.conf.
- Crash.
- Reverted to generic driver xorg.conf, and then attempted manual change of settings, refering to instructions in README file.
- Crash.
- Installed the drivers from ports tree, with Linux support. Linux ABI is already up and running good.
- Crash.
- Tried to disable native BSD AGP support and ACPI support in /boot/loader.conf
- Crash.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Hi zare, now I have the same problem too Did you solve this problem?
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