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Originally Posted by Civilus View Post
You can write a litter wrapper, like that:
VIDEO_CODEC=`${PATH_TO_MPLAYER}mplayer "${@}" -ss 00:00:00 -endpos 00:00:00 -loop 1 | grep "video codec"`
CODEC=`echo ${VIDEO_CODEC} | grep -o "ffh264"`
CODEC+=`echo ${VIDEO_CODEC} | grep -o "ffwmv3"`
CODEC+=`echo ${VIDEO_CODEC} | grep -o "ffmpeg12"`
[[ -z ${CODEC} ]] || CODEC="-vo vdpau -vc ${CODEC}vdpau -noass -nofontconfig"

${PATH_TO_MPLAYER}mplayer ${CODEC} "${@}"
Well, it's more or less what I got (I have also test for DTS which I have to convert on the fly to AC3) but I found this quite unpleasant and most unelegant ;-)
Anyway, thank for the answer even if I hope to have something similar be done directly in mplayer...
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