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if you really read the Sharky Extreme article it doesn't say that NV30 was used to render those images.
Since one of the main features of the NV3x architecture is its ability to display cinematic graphics in real-time, we've compiled a few images that demonstrate many of the advanced features.
pay careful attention to the words used. although for some of the images it seems like a statement is being made like "NV30 created this," never is it explicitly stated that this is true.

the only statement that even comes close is this
The next image is of a stylish motor-cycle, and has been developed using Cg pixel and vertex shader programs. This follows along with the NVIDIA-stated goal of Cg to save time and effort while still producing exceptional image quality.
and what does that tell us? that the NV30 can do this? that a GF4 can do this, and the NV30 can do it faster? it doesn't clarify much at all. until i see an explicit statement that these were made with an NV30 in real time...
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