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For test3 I used 4496 and 4363. I switched back to 4363 very quickly when I realized that it provided 5fps more than 4496 in America's Army. For both test3 and test4 I had enabled fast writes and sideband addressing for the AGPGART agp driver. It is my understanding that these settings can lean to instability, but I had no problems after hours of playing America's Army under test3. For agp I configured the kernel to use VIA chipset support.

BTW, my computer has 512MB of RAM, and I am using MSI motherboard with VIA KT266 chipset, and an Athlon processor at 1.4GHz, I didn't mention those facts before.

As far as minion driver patches, I used the same patch they had posted for test2. All I had to do for test3 was recompile the sources I had patched for test2.

When test4 came along, I downloaded fresh source for the nvidia driver after I had unsuccessfully tried to re-compile the same code from test2 and test3 (I had gotten messages about unidentified symbols or something, that's what I went to and read up on the renaming of PCI stuff). I used the patch from dated 7/31/2003 under the 4363 heading on their web page to patch the fresh 4363 code.

I hope I answered your questions. If you want anyting else let me know. I can try it again if you want, maybe change some things to try process of elimination. All I have to is re-add the 2.6.0-test4 back to lilo and redo the drivers.
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