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Default Re: New XFX GTX260 Core 216 Black Edition

Originally Posted by Ancient76 View Post
Wise decision
But you need to overclock your CPU.

DOn't tempt me I've been debating it, currently it stays well below average temps so overclocking could be fun. I've never been into it much, any articles, pointers or ideas you could give me to go in the right direction?

I love the card, it's awesome I'll take some pics and toss em up here later tonight maybe if I have time. One other odd question though, maybe it's 3DMark Vantage but I can't get through a full benchmark. The first time the computer reset it's self and the second time the program froze. Any ideas what could be causing this? In WoW I have no problems so I don't think it's over heating or a bum card. But who knows.

Well I figured out what was the cause of 3DMark Vantage however I'm not real sure how to fix it. Seems it crashed on the Physics part of the test, I'm not sure but I don't think it likes the NVIDIA PhysX driver? Any ideas, has anyone else experienced this problem? Thanks!
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